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Week 13 NFL DFS Player Rankings (Thu-Mon)

Click here for Week 13 NFL DFS Fantasy Football Player Rankings (.xlsx)

Get ready for the Week 13 slate of NFL Games!  Player Projections are listed below.  Choose wisely and try to get some wins this week!  Connect with me on Twitter as @MSilbAnalytics to talk strategy for the week.
Thursday Night Football kicks off at 8:25pm!

New this week: There are three Score Categories in Orange
SCORE+FF – No PPR (Standard)
SCORE+FD – 1/2 pt PPR (FanDuel)
SCORE+DK – 1 pt PPR (DraftKings)

As usual, the Green Value categories are adjusted for player salaries on FanDuel and DraftKings respectively.  All positional rankings are sorted by the average of these two values (AVG V+)

Check you Over/Under lines for high scoring games, and keep up to date on injury news!



WR13wr TE


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