The Grand Big Home Run Derby Stats Post

For my previous Pre-2013 Home Run Derby Post, click here.

Running my Predictions on the 2012 Home Run Derby

Partially by analyzing statistics, and mostly by a huge amount of luck, I correctly predicted Yoenis Cespedes to win the 2013 Home Run Derby.  My excitement looks like this.  So, here is my work, as explained in my previous post. The top table shows the players’ statistics I analyzed, and other info relating to them.  HR were chosen from the first half of the season, while all of the other stats were chosen from the entire 2012 season because those were the only stats available to me. The bottom table shows how many points a batter gained or lost per each stat category, then their total overall score.  A higher score corresponds to a better finishing position.  At the time this was created, there were about 15 minutes until derby time.  I decided that these weights had to do, there was no time for tinkering, and I moved on.

2013 Data

I then applied these results to the 2013 Home Run Derby contestants.

Courtesy of MLB Memes

I picked first and last correctly.  Good enough to make me seem like I know what I’m doing.  Also, it’s very interesting to see how the differences between Predicted and Actual Place mirror exactly. 0, 4, 1, 3, 3, 1, 4, 0.  I’ll look into that.  It’s either a huge coincidence, or a sign that I’m onto something.

Courtesy of MLB Memes

SIDE NOTE: While writing this, Yasiel Puig slid into home after an exceptional bat-flip leading to a Walk-off Home Run.  That just needed to be addressed.  He would be the one to do that. #ManBearPuig

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