And So It Begins…


So as my winter breaks ends, I’m embarking on a new task. Statistical databases are what makes analytics and sabermetrics possible, so it’s time that I throw myself into that. Through researching on the internet, I’ve found that MySQL is the most useful free tool for databases and search queries. I went ahead and downloaded that along with the MySQL Workbench GUI and the Baseball-Databank Database. I have no previous experience with databases, so this a completely new venture for me. I’m learning SQL along with general information about how databases work. In the image above, I modified code from Hardball Times and Statistically Speaking to output the career home run leaders for the formerly named Florida Marlins (through 3/28/11).

As I explore more into SQL and learning everything that I can do, I’ll start posting my own sabermetric analyses. I’m also looking into script for pulling data from MLB Gameday and Pitch f/x to have the most current and usable information.

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